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Eastern Distributor Sydney Toll Road
Eastern Distributor Sydney Toll Road

Don’t you think it is odd that the toll pricing on the Eastern Distributor uses random cents amounts?

Not really when you think about it, it’s just the same old “$0.99” trick all over again. It’s an obvious psychological trick that attempts to fool the consumer. Unfortunately this trick actually works.

If you are frequent traveller on the Eastern Distributor toll road, you surely will have noticed how often the price changes. But thanks to the price changes being in random amounts in cents, we find it difficult to remember what the last price was. Did it go up? Did it go down? Did it change at all? That vagueness is exactly the game they are playing. Thanks to the vagueness of the consumer’s memory, the toll road company gets away with many increases without the consumer noticing, and therefore complaining. It’s not until the whole dollar amount changes that consumers have a better chance of noticing the increase. But even then, thanks to the random cents amount, we are still not quite sure.

The final killer is the convenience factor. Thanks to the charging system being fully electronic, the fact that you don’t physically need to hand over real cash, means we just brush it aside. You win this time toll road company…

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