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Sitting on 0 km/hr on a paid toll road.

Toll roads are constructed in our cities for the purpose of providing an alternative option on particular routes. We know that if we want to save time on our journey, we can choose to pay for the privilege of using these time saving roads.

Basically we are paying for a service. We exchange money for a service, which, like any other service, should fall under the same transactional laws.

So what happens when we pay for the service of using the time saving toll roads, only to be stuck in traffic, and hence not save any time at all?


That’s right, at the moment it seems like nothing happens. If you pay to use a toll road and you do not gain any advantage from using it, ie. the service is not delivered or satisfactory, you get jack. Sure they’ll still take your money, but you won’t get a refund.

This doesn’t make sense.

I pay for a service, I don’t receive it, I should get a refund. Am I right? So what’s going on here? Surely there are some lawyer types out there that can investigate this for us.

I’m pretty sure there is an item in the ‘terms of use’ that probably voids any form of restitution, but hey, it’s worth a look.


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