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Why Pay-a-Toll?

Before I gave in and purchased a Tag, I was paying toll roads on an as-I-use basis. For example, if I used the M2 on a particular day, I would jump online that evening and make my payment. This was fine when I used toll roads infrequently, but once I started working on the opposite side of Sydney Harbour to where I lived, then it became a pain.

I began missing payments, or forgetting to make them. In most cases actually it was just laziness. I knew I had used the Harbour Bridge or Tunnel that day, and I knew I had to jump online and pay, but I would skip a day, then two, then three. Before you know it I’d be online on a Sunday morning trying to remember what toll roads I had used so I could make all the payments.

Suffice to say, I never remembered all of them, so eventually I started to receive Toll Notices. Great, now I was being hunted down by the man. Thanks to the number of toll roads and the different toll road providers we have here in Australia, figuring out which website to go to for each operator can get messy. So I decided to put together this website, primarily for me personally. But being the internet, and being publicly available, other people began using it, for the same reason. They found it useful so I decide let people know about it. I also started to add posts/articles, which hopefully people find interesting also.

I am always open to improving the site in anyway, so if you have any tips or feedback, please drop me a line at

Happy Travels
The Pay-a-Toll Guy.