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Get your tag from either of these suppliers.




Tags make life easier, especially if you are a frequent user of toll roads in VIC. Tags give you the convenience of driving on toll roads without worrying about pre-buying Passes or receiving Toll Notices later in the mail. Just use the toll roads as you please, and have the charges automatically deducted from your credit card as needed.

Of course the trap in having a tag is that, unless vigilant, you do tend to lose track of your spending on toll roads. Just like all automated payment systems these days, they are literally set-and-FORGET! And yes, you do forget.

But the choice is yours. If you are not someone that can keep track of their spending, and money is an issue for you, then perhaps a Tag is not the best solution for you. You can instead opt to prepay for a Pass, which in VIC you can do here. But pre-paying can be a pain, so perhaps the best option is to post-pay.

To post-pay, you have two options.

  1. You can use the toll road, then pay the toll within 3 days. To do this you normally go to the Pass section of the operator to purchase a Pass which actually covers you for the trip you already completed, or
  2. You can wait for the Toll Notice to arrive at your house via the mail. That is when you go here, to pay the notice.

The problem with waiting for the notice is that besides the toll road cost, you are also charged an administration fee, and this can sometimes be more than the toll charge. This is why a Tag, Pass, or paying within 3 days is best.